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Medmech Solutions

MedMech Solutions specialises in the installation of Medical and Laboratory gas reticulation systems and installation of operating theatre, high dependency, coronary care and intensive care products. Operating theatre lights, pendants and specialist medical equipment are either sourced by MedMech Solutions or supplied by a third party and installed by Medmech Solutions.

We carry out installation of mechanical services pipe work for heating, condenser and chilled water systems including boilers, chillers, pumps, expansion tanks, header tanks, dosing pots and condenser units.

MedMech also specialise in installing refrigeration pipe work. This is complemented by the medical gas installation as the refrigeration pipe work needs to be installed to high degree of cleanliness. By purging the pipe work, we alleviate oxidization of the copper pipe work which extends the life of the associated equipment.

In addition to our installation services, we can also carry out extensive servicing of medical, laboratory and welding gas reticulation systems and have service contracts with a number of Government service companies. Work includes servicing and testing of various reticulated systems, flash back arrestors and all associated pieces of equipment in TAFE colleges, schools and workshops.


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