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Medmech Services

MedMech Solutions is a Specialist in Supply & Installation of Medical & Laboratory Gas Reticulation Systems. Turnkey management for the complete or partial fit out of a specific location viz. High Dependency, Intensive care, & Day Surgery facilities.  Preventive Maintenance of Hospital and Laboratory equipment.

We also offer servicing of all associated reticulation equipment including isolation valves, relief valves, service facility valves, regulators including automatic changeover systems, flow meters and vacuum regulators.

MedMech Solutions, as an integral part of its quality endorsement, ensures that all products and services provided comply with the relevant Australian Standard.

Construction: MedMech Solutions are contracted on various projects by builders, mechanical engineers and mechanical services contractors to carry out installations of specialized pipework during the building process of various facilities. All personnel engaged are qualified plumbers/gas fitters and specialise in medical gas installations.

Engineering: MedMech Solutions is well known for its ability to design and construct Medical Gas Reticulation systems for Hospitals, Laboratories & Science Facilities  and have six (6)  medical & mechanical specialists to carry out these works.

Service: MedMech Solutions has three (3) fully trained technicians each with greater than fifteen (15) years experience in the field.

Preventive Maintenance: MedMech Solutions have currently secured a contract to carry out preventative maintenance on welding equipment, reticulation and stand alone at Government schools and TAFE Colleges throughout South Australia.